Starter packs from Innocent Smoothies for kids.

Seriously discounted starter kits which they have planted and distributed.

Coordinating with Oxfordshire County Council to provide one dozen compost bins.

Flavor Farms hosts our web address and advises us on environmental fundraising. They are a local fruit nursery, with registered St Croix sheep, and Dexter cattle.

Missing Bean donated dozens of burlap sacks for our potato kits.

Connally Land and Cattle bought our first 30 kits! Their registered South Poll beef are always grass fed. They provide high quality roping steers, and championship horses in South Eastern New Mexico and Central Texas. They support alternative energy, including solar farms and carbon neutral farming in the lovely Chihuahuan desert. 

ODS work in partnership with Oxford City Council and cover a variety of public and commercial services including Recycling and Waste. The Recycling and Waste Team educates Oxford City residents on recycling well and wasting less. As part of this effort, they have donated 3 compost bins to encourage reuse at home.

The Local Connections Fund is a new £4 million fund to help charities and community groups working to reduce loneliness by building community connections across England. Through this programme and previous partnerships, DCMS and The National Lottery Community Fund are working together to help prevent loneliness, strengthen our communities, and improve people’s lives.

Providing support to programs working to boost your physical and mental health whilst living with social distancing guidelines.

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