Clear out your sheds for Harvest @ Home!

We fight food insecurity from the ground up. We prioritise people with food insecurity due to COVID, and empower them to grow their own food.


But we need more supplies for our community gardens and to loan to individuals beginning their own. Any extra seedlings, tools, gloves, large garden containers (including grow bags), unneeded compost, fertiliser, pest control, netting, climbing poles (frames, etc), compost bins, or children's gardening items can be redistributed to our households in need or used in our community garden sites. Any and all donations of items for the garden are welcome. You can drop off at points around the county, use this MAP to find your nearest HUB.


If you do not have items but still want to help please be a local hub!  We also welcome any and all volunteers for our online community, social media, grant writing, and general administration. 


Please contact Harvest @ Home directly: harvestathomeuk@gmail.com or 01865 817676. Or volunteer here: https://forms.gle/RoEUn6mcN6SQQhZw6


If you are interested in sponsoring Harvest @ Home,

you can donate funds directly here:                       

We heartily welcome any sponsors of materials: gardening gloves, tools, seeds, pots, compost, kid and pet friendly pest control, canes/trellis items, potato bags, fruit trees, and any other materials handy to have for a successful Harvest @ Home!

Please, contact us and we will arrange to collect physical donations.