Welcome to Harvest @ Home. This Community Action Group is a partnership made possible by Cherwell Community Larder, Abundance, Good Food Oxford, Oxford City Farm, Replenish, Community Action Oxfordshire and local councils. Harvest @ Home receives guidance from Cllr Ian Middleton,  member of Cherwell District Council. 

Our main goal is to help people get started growing their own produce at home! We also strive to support local community gardening and harvesting groups.


At the moment, our program prioritises households who are experiencing food insecurity due to the COVID crisis, but anyone is eligible to join our waiting list for services, as we will expand the program in the next few weeks. 


Some of the services we offer:  


Starter Kits:
Our main product is a garden starter kit. 

Full family kit includes containers, tools, gloves, compost, plug plants, seeds, potato bags for 2 harvests, and fertiliser.  Ideally this will supplement a family's produce for about 10 weeks in the summer. 

Smaller kits include are available for small households. 

We also have kid friendly supplies if you want to involve your little ones.  

We offer indoor and windowsill options for anyone without garden space. 

We allow our users to choose specific plants based on what they enjoy eating. 


We can supplement a garden starter kit with items from our donation drives, including: 
seedlings and plug plants 
pots, planters, other containers 
canes/climbing aids


Harvest @ Home users will have access to a variety of amazing resources, including guide showing growth stages of seeds, tips for beginners, troubleshooting pests and other plant problems, and guides for preserving your harvest. Abundance has offered to make a "trash to treasure" guide that teaches people what household trash can be repurposed for planting that we also hope to feature. 


We will help you become a part of local community gardening groups. Co-Grow is a new facebook support group of many experienced gardeners, a collective of allotment users, home growers, and professionals. We also have opportunities for you to be involved with community gardens in your area if you desire. 


Harvest @ Home is completely free for users, just fill in the form below and let us know what you need to get started growing your own produce. 

Pickled Cucumber
Large Potato


EEC Civil Solidarity Prize

We are thrilled to share that Cherwell Collective received the European Economic and Social Committee Solidarity Prize for the United Kingdom. Receipt of this award demonstrates the value placed on programs like ours which work to fight food insecurity and isolation by growing food, social connections and mental and physical health. Our efforts are labeled "a shining example of remarkable solidarity and civic responsibility during the COVID-19 crisis." We are proud and grateful for this recognition. We know that our hard working volunteers, sponsors and partners share this pride. We hope that this award encourages continued growth and confidence in our aim to fight food insecurity from the ground up.

Read more about it HERE.